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God's grace

Updated: May 31

In our daily lives we fall short of the perfection of God, but through the grace of God which was given through the death of Chirst we are able to work out our salvation. Phil 2:12

Working "out" is different from working "for"... we aren't using our natural abilities to earn our salvation, rather it is a free gift to accept. Working out is a daily growth in our spirit through reading, studying and applying what God's word has revealed to us. It's a trial of our faith.

It's a daily struggle, some days are better than others, some days we break through, some days we fall flat on our faces. There is no formula or man made anything that will make this process quicker or easier. It's a struggle, it is meant to make you uncomfortable... so you will seek God and his answers.

The beautiful thing about God's grace is that it allows this process... not a freedom to sin, but freedom to keep working it out! As with any skill it takes time, practice and determination to excel. So each morning I thank God for his grace and mercy (it's renewed each day, Lam 3:22 -24) to allow me to pursue his will this day and not my own!

May the Good Lord bless what you set your hands on this day ❤

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